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If you are a limited company and your turnover is greater than £5.6 million, then, unfortunately, you need an Audit. Doesn't seem very fair but, in theory, it is designed to protect company shareholders. It sounds like "spin" but at Ward Divecha we try and turn the audit (and expense) into a beneficial experience for our clients.

Team PlayersThe Team

All members of the Audit Team have been put through internal training courses and are expected to be professional, polite and punctual at all times during the audit. Where possible, the same Team are used for subsequent audits giving our clients the opportunity to build a rapport and help reduce repetitive learning cycles that can often aggravate the client. Well, that's the theory!


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Similar to our other services, our Audit process is entirely configurable to your own requirements. Apart from the basic legal responsibilities of the Audit, you determine the extent of the health check. For example, you may choose to focus our energies on one particular area of the business each year and move on to the next once you are satisfied that part of the business is sound.

Giving The Business a health checkHow do we achieve this!

If we already look after your books and prepare your accounts, then the Audit is an integral part of the process and is, therefore, included in the basic package at no extra cost. If we are purely Auditors, we turn the whole process into an opportunity to give the business a health check, complete with a full written report.

Meaningful Information

A full review is made of all controls, and advice given where they can be improved. Repetitive tasks are highlighted and current working practices are looked at with a view to help streamline the flow of information. Schedules are prepared of all key expenditure and common suppliers are revived to determine if they offer the best value. An evaluation is carried out on the current business system (manual or computerized) to determine if it meets current and anticipated demand.

The end result!

At the end of the audit, you should feel as if it was a worthwhile exercise, and the legal requirements, gave you an ideal opportunity to expand the scope of the audit in the form of an annual health check. The whole process has been much cheaper and less disruptive than if the health-check was carried out separately. If the process has given the business the "thumbs up", then all well and good. Keep on doing the right things! However, if areas of the business are under performing, then at least you will be in the position and armed with the best advice to do something about it! Either way, we hope you come to view the Audit more as an opportunity than an unnecessary expense to the business.

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Contact us, or telephone on 020 7486 9893 to find out how we can tailor a package to compliment your business activities at a price that is guaranteed to be competitive.

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