01 November

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Low cost Business Systems ConsultancyAt the forefront!

Many small businesses believe consultancy is a luxury only "Big Business" can afford. We use the word "luxury" because many view it as an expensive and unnecessary extra. Not surprisingly, many onlookers believe the Consultancy Industry is largely to blame with it's preference for high margins, ruling out Small Business in the process.

Ward Divecha is at the forefront of the Entry Level Consultancy (ELC) market which is geared towards Small Business. Our Margins are significantly lower and you will have the opportunity to qualify for FREE consultancy by using a rebate scheme which kicks-in when you purchase a Business Partner system.

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Over the coming year we will be posting
updates on our site regarding new services
and general advice on how to run a
profitable business. Please visit again to
keep updated.

How it works!

Check out our Services which are split by business process and business system type. Once you are satisfied we can help, we enter into a negotiation and confirm, in writing: discounts we receive from suitable Business Partners enabling you to calculate the rebate due; if it is fixed price or Template driven process; and typical timescale's for similar projects.


Try our award winning Accounts Service
and find out why our clients have voted
us number one.....

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Keeping costs downKeeping Costs Down!

Unnecessary on-site meetings are kept to a minimum. Proven processes used where appropriate reducing the number of project days. Electronic communication encouraged giving more scope for face-to-face meetings.
Emphasis placed on preparation guidelines reducing the number of project days. Flexibility is built into our approach and we continuously review our efforts to look for
ways of reducing the overall project cost.

Pay back time!

On completion of the purchasing phase of the project, and where a Business Partner system was purchased, discount or a full rebate is given on our services. You are also entitled to 50% of any excess commission we receive

Scenario One

You purchase an Accounts, Stock and Order Processing system from one of our Business Partners. The total purchase cost was £10,000 with £3,250 being due to us for five days consultancy. We received£2,000 commission from our Partner which we offset
against our costs to you leaving a balance of £750 to pay. This , effectively, reduces our daily rate to a remarkable £250 per day.

Scenario Two

On this occasion you purchase a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).The total purchase cost was£40,000 for which we received£10,000 commission from our Business Partner. We charged you a Fixed Price contact at£3,250 and give you a rebate on the full amount. We also send you a cheque for fifty percent of the balance (£3,375) representing excess commission on the deal.

Why use Ward Divecha?

Quality service at more than half the cost of other Consultancy Firms. Innovative unique approach. Template process ensures costs kept to a minimum. Time bought is maximised through the use of technology. Business partnerships created for your benefit. Opportunity to qualify for FREE consultancy and a share of commission on Business
Partner systems.

Contact usContact Us

Contact us, or telephone on 020 7486 9893 to find out how we can tailor a package to compliment your business activities at a price that is guaranteed to be competitive.

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