01 November

Welcome to the new Ward Divecha
Web-site. This site has been launched
to offer a higher level of service to

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Over the coming year we will be posting
updates on our site regarding new services
and general advice on how to run a
profitable business. Please visit again to
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Try our award winning Accounts Service
and find out why our clients have voted
us number one.....

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Thinking of starting up a new business,
then why not use us to guide you through
legal and statutory requirements.

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Reducing your taxation burden is
always high on the list of most of our
clients. Why not let us help you.

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Choose from a broad range of Payroll
services and help us tailor our services
to your exact requirements.

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Web Design

Give yourself a Web presence by choosing
from over 3000 templates designed by
some of the World's leading Graphic

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Business System Consultancy

If you are think of buying or replacing
current Business Systems, then why not
speak with us first and save thousands.

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