01 November

Welcome to the new Ward Divecha
Web-site. This site has been launched
to offer a higher level of service to

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New Website launched!

Welcome to the first of many Practice News Updates. This article concentrates on our new Website and explains why we decided to upgrade our old site and what we hope to achieve.

We welcome feedback!

The updates are designed to keep our existing clients abreast of new developments at the Practice. We will try to reflect what clients want to know, however, if you have your own ideas, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us and give us your views.

By doing so, we hope our new Website will more closely reflect what our Visitors want to know.

Coming soon

Over the coming year we will be posting
updates on our site regarding new services
and general advice on how to run a
profitable business. Please visit again to
keep updated.


In Tune!

Clients of Ward Divecha, I hope you agree our new website more closely reflects our own personality. Many of you have given constructive feedback on our old design and this Website, hopefully, goes some way to incorporating many of your comments. For new visitors to our site, we have attempted to identify and answer some of the issues that may have brought you to our site in the first place. We are known for being a friendly Practice and we hope our new Website conveys this very important point to you.

Laying the Foundations!

Our new Website is only the start. We discussed adding many more Web Pages to the initial design but thought it more prudent to expand the site based on user feedback. We have incorporated more flexible and informative navigation options. This should enable us to grow the site but still enable our clients to "see the wood from the trees". As new areas of the website are added, they will be clearly shown on our Homepage and throughout the site in general.

Customer Focused

The main aim is to move the Website away from being perceived, purely, as a glorified advertisement. We want it to become our Virtual Customer Service Manager, giving you access to information on Practice developments at a time that suits you. We will continually review the site content to ensure each visit remains as interesting as the previous one. To do this we need your help and would be grateful for any feedback you may have on future content.

With your feedback, we can make a difference for the better and help change client views on the "Archetypal Accountant" Website.



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Thinking of starting up a new business,
then why not use us to guide you through
legal and statutory requirements.

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